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MRI (Open and High Field)

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses a magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of the soft tissues and organs in the body. The magnetic field temporarily aligns the water molecules in your body and radio waves cause these aligned particles to produce very faint electrical signals. These signals are used to create the MRI images. Since this machine does not emit x-rays there is no fear of radiation.

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CT Scan

We can perform CAT scan procedures in less time without compromising diagnostic accuracy or patient comfort with a high speed spiral scanner. This equipment helps us to enhance patient care and expand clinical applications.
In the mid-1970s, Computed Tomography, also known as CT or CAT scans, revolutionized diagnosis by allowing physicians to view cross-sections of internal body, without the need for surgery. CT accomplishes this by bringing together the imaging capabilities of the X-Ray with the highly sophisticated processing power of computers. CT is used for many imaging needs, for example, brain, spine, neck, chest, sinuses, abdomen, and joints. CT also is used to evaluate the extent of trauma injuries.

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Digital Radiography

We use robust Digital Radiography solutions that meet the versatile needs of today’s imaging work.
At Southwest Diagnostic we use AeroDR by Konica Minolta that provides solutions to increase high uptime and increased productivity. With superb image quality, advanced imaging tools and minimal X-Ray dose.
Digital Radiography (DR) enhances clinical confidence and patient satisfaction.

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Ultrasound & Color Doppler

Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves as its imaging source.
Ultrasound imaging is based on the reflection of a sound wave after it collides with the anatomy being studied. The resulting pattern of that reflection is converted into diagnostic information via a hand-held transducer passed over the area being imaged.
First utilized some 50 years ago, this medical technology’s non-radiation nature has made it the modality of choice for obgyn procedures most commonly associated with fetal imaging. We have the advanced ultrasound technology that extends beyond fetal imaging to include abdominal, pelvic, vascular, breast, and thyroid imaging.

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Southwest Diagnostic uses advanced digital technology to process and store patient exams and radiology reports.Referring Physicians can access to view their patient studies and Radiologist’s Report by simply logging on to our servers. The Radiologist’s Reports can also be downloaded and integrated with patients’ EMR (Electronic Medical Records) or printed for review and add to the patient file folders.
If you are a Physician and would like to access our system for your patients, please contact our IT & Business Development Department

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Available At Multiple Locations For Your Service

Phone: (210) 921-0902
Fax: (210) 923-8220
(CAT Scans, Ultrasound, Color Doppler and Diagnostic X-Rays)
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Phone: (210) 921-7200
Fax: (210) 923-3866
(Open MRI, High Field MRI and Diagnostic X-Rays)
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Phone: (830) 758-1969
Fax: (830) 758-1914
(Open MRI and Diagnostic X-Rays)
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